Why Seeking Treatment Close to Home is Effective

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Substance use disorders are an ongoing problem in America that cost people their lives and family members their loved ones. In addition to the emotional devastation, addiction takes a financial toll on the country. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), the U.S. spends more than $600 billion each year because of substance abuse, both in terms of health and social costs. Helping more people find and receive treatment is an important means of addressing this because treatment costs the country less than other addiction-related expenses like incarceration.

The main goal is to encourage anyone struggling with drug or alcohol abuse to seek help because the decision to seek treatment for addiction is a personal one. The same is true when deciding where to go to rehab. Some people may opt to attend a rehab located in a different city or even state than where they live. They may need to distance themselves from the people and places that led to their substance abuse. Still, others may decide that being closer to home is the right decision for them. Both choices have their advantages, but let’s examine why seeking treatment close to home is effective for many.

Easily Accessible Rehab

Taking the first step and asking for help to recover from drug or alcohol addiction is a significant decision. Some people may not wish to lose that momentum. In that case, a treatment facility close to their home may be the best choice because they may be able to enroll sooner without having to incorporate travel time.

While each person and their needs are unique, a rehab that is close to where the individual lives can allow them to start immediately. Accessibility is essential when it comes to seizing on someone’s initiative to get help.

Staying Close to Family

For anyone with children or family members that are dependent on them, a treatment center close to home may be the right choice. Staying nearby allows the person to get the help they need without leaving behind family members they may be caring for, too.

This is also important for anyone who needs to continue to work while attending rehab. A facility that is close to their home, especially one offering outpatient treatment, provides an opportunity to find help for their addiction without having to leave their responsibilities behind.

Benefit from Support

Another reason seeking treatment close to home can be effective is it allows the person to have the support of their family and friends. Achieving recovery is not easy, and having a team of loved ones looking out for the person can be very beneficial.

Attending treatment close to home makes it easier for the family to be involved in the person’s recovery from the beginning. This can even improve the individual’s odds of long-term success in managing their addiction.

Access to Ongoing Care

Another benefit to seeking addiction treatment close to home is it provides the opportunity for follow-up aftercare. For someone in recovery, knowing that they can easily access guidance or support from their peers or experts they trust is an invaluable addition to their ongoing recovery process.

Addiction can be managed but not cured and access to trusted, trained professionals, even after completion of rehab, offers added reassurance for an individual in the first stages of recovery.

Finding the Best Rehab Facility

For addiction treatment to be as effective as possible, there are certain criteria it needs to meet based on each person’s needs. For instance, the most effective treatment will deal with the person’s drug or alcohol addiction and any other medical issues, whether physical or psychological. The treatment and the facility should also consider the person’s gender, age, ethnicity, and culture to ensure personalized care.

Successful rehab facilities offer resources, such as behavioral therapy and medications, to those in attendance. When medications, behavioral therapy, and counseling are combined, it provides a solid foundation for each person to address their underlying issues, determine a path forward and allow them the space to relearn how to navigate life without the help of substances.

Addiction is a complicated disease, and no one treatment or facility will work for every person. Someone seeking help from a rehab center must investigate the location to determine if it can adequately address their specific addiction needs.

Addiction is a Chronic Disease

It is possible to successfully manage addiction, just as people have learned to manage other chronic conditions like asthma or diabetes. Finding a rehab facility for treatment that meets the person’s needs is a crucial first step in this process.

Deciding to seek help for drug or alcohol addiction is monumental. It is essential that the person’s initial motivation be capitalized on and selecting a treatment center close to home is one way to do this.

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