Accredited Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Accredited Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Substance use disorders affect an estimated 21.5 million people in the United States, according to the most recent data collected by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Having access to quality, evidence-based addiction treatment...
Getting a Loved One to Seek Help for Addiction

Getting a Loved One to Seek Help for Addiction

It can be very difficult and heartbreaking to watch someone you love struggle with addiction. Ignoring the situation may seem like the easiest way to cope, however, allowing your loved one to continue suffering from addiction without getting help can lead to worsened...
Facts About Opioid Addictions

Facts About Opioid Addictions

To understand why opioids are addictive here are five facts about opioid addiction and what opioids are. Opioids are a substance that dulls the senses and reduces the pain signals that the body sends to the brain. Opioids are usually prescribed to treat moderate to...
Signs of a Heroin Addict

Signs of a Heroin Addict

Heroin is a powerful and devastating drug. The drug can ruin the life of the addict and can impact their loved ones to the point of dysfunction. If your loved one is addicted to heroin, it can be easy to overlook the signs of a heroin addict. It is important to...

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Bridges of Hope is an accredited drug and alcohol detox and rehabilitation center with customized programs tailored to each individual patient.

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