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Medical Detox Overview

Medical Detox for Addiction in Indiana

Usually, the solution to our addiction problems might be closer than we think. It is well known that rehab facilities and drug and alcohol detox treatment centers should utilize practices that make the detoxification process as comfortable as possible. If you are searching for a medical detox program in Indiana, and are in need of the best treatment, Bridges of Hope is here to help. We are committed to offering quality services made possible by our highly trained and experienced medical team. 

Our Approach to Medical Detox

We understand that a medical detox program requires the services of highly qualified staff. Our medical detox program has staff thoroughly evaluates the physical and chemical components of your situation. This includes a detailed medical history assessment, as well as alcohol and substance abuse history. Bridges of Hope offers excellent accomidationis, as well as our hard working, courteous full-time staff of therapists, nurses, and addiction experts. Our medical director is a trained physician specializing in addiction medicine. 


Medication assisted detox


Continuous monitoring of client withdrawal symptoms and any co-occurring medical issues.


Upscale atmosphere where patients can begin the healing process in a safe and comfortable environment.

Why Choose our Medical Detox Program?

All medical detox facilities are different, no two are the same. Our quality of care and services are incomparable and second to none. We are the gold standard when it comes to medical detox programs. We aim to offer the most effective alcohol and substance abuse care in the State of Indiana. Treatment at our facility increases your likelihood of achieving long-term recovery.

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Addiction and Detox Statistics in Indiana


Statistics reveal that four out of every five Indiana employees have dealt with one form of prescription drug abuse within the last one year.


80 percent of HIV cases in the State of Indiana are linked to intravenous drug abuse.


At least 100,000 Indiana residents have one form of substance abuse or the other but not receiving any treatment for it.


2011-2013, Indiana had the highest rates of deaths in the US related to drug overdoses with an overdose of 16 deaths per 100,000 Indiana residents.

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