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Bridges of Hope

We believe that treatment requires a clinical multidisciplinary approach consisting of assessment and identification of all related underlying issues.


About Bridges of Hope

At Bridges of Hope, we only utilize evidence-based practices to establish and sustain the outcomes of our clients in the treatment of addiction and mental health. Our adult dual diagnosis facility treats every level of the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) protocol, from detoxification services to aftercare support. Our medical and clinical team are licensed professionals, focusing on addiction, psychiatric care and sustained recovery. We are focused on individual sobriety for every client and individualize that treatment to meet specific physical, medication, clinical, and dietary accommodations. We are rooted in the belief that every recovery journey is different and is implemented with a person-centered plan designed exclusively for you.

The cornerstone of our programs utilizes the best resources and proven practices in the industry, while integrating healthy leisure activities to promote wellness and improved general health; focusing on the mind, body and spiritual core of each client. Combined with Equine, Massage, Art, Recreational and Yoga therapies, treatment is as varietal and diverse as our clients.
Our detoxification procedure follows ASAM standards of practice and implement residential, partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient continuum of care for every client we serve. Our methodologies are state-of-the art and integrate the best in addiction and mental health treatment to stimulate and preserve the best outcomes.

Our commitment to recovery is unwavering. At Bridges of Hope, we connect everyone to their own personal journey, bridging the gaps previously unmet. Our name is our mission.

Looking For Rehab In Indiana?

Our Facility

Bridges of Hope is a Joint Commission accredited adult substance abuse treatment program designed to achieve long-term recovery. We are licensed by the Division of Mental Health and Addiction of the State of Indiana for Detox, Residential, Partial Hospitalization, and Intensive Outpatient levels of care. Our treatment philosophy is based on a comprehensive and integrated approach to addressing all issues related to substance use disorders and other co-occurring mental health issues. Our services include addiction and recovery education, individual psychotherapy, group sessions, psychosocial assessments, psychiatric evaluation, medical examination, medication management, treatment planning, nutritional assessments, trauma therapy, physical conditioning, yoga, as well as numerous ancillary services.

We leave nothing to guesswork as we work with therapeutically proven and evidence-based clinical practices. This makes us one the most sought after Indianapolis based treatment center. We place superior client care as our highest priority and offer our clients all-inclusive treatment services. Our ultimate goal is to identify the challenges, concerns, and problems related to drug addiction, alcoholism, and mental health, and to provide professional clinical treatment to all our clients. Check out our facility to learn more!


Bridges of Hope is situated on a small picturesque lake in Anderson, Indiana. The 29 bed, 26,000 square foot facility offers a full gymnasium, cardio, and weight room. A game room is provided for the enjoyment of our clients. Our beautiful setting provides a perfect place for self-reflection while the individual begins to lay a foundation for recovery. Most of the patients that have been treated in our facility were looking for rehab in Indiana and what they received was rehab and companionship in return.


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