April is Alcohol Awareness Month

April is Alcohol Awareness Month

There is a stigma that surrounds substance abuse and alcoholism in general. The purpose of Alcohol Awareness Month is to address those issues by providing greater alcoholism awareness. If you think that you have a problem drinking, give us a call today at 765-358-7320...
Common Myths About Addiction

Common Myths About Addiction

There are several common myths about addiction. We all feel the costs of addiction, from higher crime rates to higher taxes and healthcare costs. Addiction is no myth. Addiction is very real. What is Addiction? An addiction is when a person uses a substance and...
Some Signs Of Alcohol Withdrawal

Some Signs Of Alcohol Withdrawal

Alcoholism is a life-ruining addiction. It kills many and in many ways. The person down with addiction is actually least bothered about his condition and keeps on moving ahead on the path of self-destruction. In fact, in medical terminology, the alcohol-related bodily...
Impact of Parental Alcoholism on Children

Impact of Parental Alcoholism on Children

How bad is Parental Alcoholism? The problem with an idiotic person is that he is not even aware that his activities are causing trouble for others, same is true with alcoholics. For them, drinking is just like having a meal, nothing wrong with it...
10 Signs of a Heroin Addict

10 Signs of a Heroin Addict

Heroin is a powerful and devastating drug. The drug can ruin the life of the addict and can impact their loved ones to the point of dysfunction. If your loved one is addicted to heroin, it can be easy to overlook the signs. It is important to...

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