Sober Activities In Indiana

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For many people who are newly sober, boredom is an enemy. If you are bored, you are more likely to think about drugs or alcohol. In fact, boredom is often a reason people relapse. So, what can you do to fill your free time without using alcohol or drugs?

Finding something fun to do is the best way to distract yourself from temptations or cravings. New interests and hobbies can help you stay sober, active, and healthy and there are plenty of enjoyable activities that don’t involve alcohol or other substances.

No matter where you live, keep these ideas in mind.

Fun Sober Activities You Can Enjoy Wherever You Live

Make a plan in advance. Often, the planning can be as much fun as the event itself! Researching your options will give you something to focus on and something to look forward to.

  • Get Fit. Join a gym, or sign up for a fitness class. If you go alone, you’ll meet new people and form new friendships, and if you go with others, it can be a great bonding experience. Try yoga, aerobics, cycling, or even kickboxing. As a bonus, rebuilding your fitness is also an important part of recovery.
  • Get Moving. If the gym or organized classes aren’t your thing, join a team or sports program. Tennis, soccer, softball, basketball, golf, or bowling leagues should be available for both single players and groups.
  • Get Creative. Try your hand at arts and crafts. Draw or paint at home, or take a class at your local art studio, blacksmith school, or glassblowing house. Explore your inner chef by taking a cooking class. Learn a new language, or trace out your family tree. You can explore free or low-cost classes at your local Y.
  • Get Outside. Explore the outdoors and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. Try gardening, biking, hiking, fishing (alone or with friends), or kayaking (definitely NOT alone!). Spending time outdoors can distance you from triggers and provide relaxation and stress reduction.
  • Stay Inside. Explore your local art or music scenes, visit a museum, go to a play, or step out to a jazz café. Get together with family or friends and binge a lighthearted comedy series, or watch your favorite stand-up comedians.
  • Plan a game night. Play traditional board games, Trivial Pursuit, or even video games. This is a great way to rebuild your relationships with friends and family.
  • Volunteer. Giving back is a great way to spend your free time. Volunteer with a local community organization or school, take part in fundraisers or even help at your own recovery center.
  • Focus On Food. Everyone eats. Go out to dinner or brunch. Cook a meal together with friends, and make it a day-long event by planning the menu, shopping for the best ingredients, and enjoying the results! Cook a style or ethnicity that you’ve never made before or pick a recipe at random from a good cookbook.
  • Try out some alcohol-free cocktails. The non-alcoholic beverage business is on the rise, and there are alternatives out there for beer, wine, and spirits. There are plenty of recipes out there — just search “non-alcoholic cocktails.” You might even find a sober bar. Check out the Sober Bar Finder website at
  • Find some sober meet-ups. You’ll have to do some checking to see if there’s a sober event or activity happening near you, but it is a chance to meet and spend time with other people in the same situation.

Sober Activities In Indiana

There are so many great places to visit in Indiana.

Some outdoor places to consider include:

  • Cataract Falls in northern Owen County, for those who love waterfalls
  • Indiana Dunes National Park at the southern end of Lake Michigan
  • Knobstone Trail, the longest hiking trail in the state
  • Lake Monroe, which offers forest hiking, beach relaxing, fishing, boating, and swimming
  • White River State Park
  • Brown County State Park, the largest park in the state

Some educational and fun places to visit include:

  • The University of Notre Dame
  • The Circus Hall of Fame in Peru
  • The Studebaker Museum in South Bend
  • The Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Shoppers can spend the entire day wandering the Castleton Square Mall in Indianapolis or the Indianapolis City Market and Catacombs.

Creating new habits and cultivating new interests will help you grow more comfortable with your sober life, and to discover activities that will bring you joy and fulfillment.

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