First Month of Sobriety: What to Expect

by | Jun 2, 2019 | Recovery

Choosing a path of sobriety is admirable and challenging. The first month of sobriety in itself is enough to create mounts of anxiety before starting. However, it may not be as demanding as you would imagine if you plan and prepare for success.

What is Sobriety

Sobriety is the state of not being affected by alcohol; not being drunk. It means being sensible, solemn, and not intoxicated.

Firstly, let’s take a look at the initial physical/emotional effects you may expect in the first 30 Days –

What Are the Physical Effects of Sobriety

In the first month of sobriety, naturally, your skin will start to purge the toxins currently in your system. Whether cleansing from alcohol or another type of substance, your body is trying to clear out anything that hinders everyday functions of the body to ensure that it will operate as smoothly as possible.

For more information on specific detoxification symptoms, take a look at our Medical Detox Overview page.

  • Sweating
  • Jitters or itchiness
  • Fever and fluctuation of body temperature

Tip: Embrace the rollercoaster! Be proactive and get a move on. Sweat as much as possible. Go to a sauna, exercise – try to incorporate light walking or jogging and get your heart rate up.

Everyone’s first month of sobriety experience varies, but often the middle is the hardest part – set “mini-goals” or rewards for yourself throughout the month for when you make it over the hump.

Emotional Effects Experienced in Initial Sobriety

  • Expect an Agitated State – you may feel abnormally tired or cranky throughout this period. Put your mental health first and take breaks. If you’re tired, lie down for 20 minutes or so.
  • Take a few personal minutes for yourself throughout the day – slow and controlled breaths can regulate your heart rate and reduce anxiety in times of stress.

Sobriety Can Be Eye Opening

The first month of sobriety can be an eye-opening experience and provides clarity about one’s dependence on alcohol/drugs. No matter your dependence level, it’s important to embrace the beginning and plan for success.

This is an opportunity to create a healthy lifestyle for your future; one month of sobriety can lead to many more.

Tip: Have something quirky to distract you – make it entertaining and easily accessible. Something that can fit in your purse, pocket, etc.

  • Stress ball
  • Silly putty
  • 90’s Slap bracelets
  • Phone games

Perseverance will play a big role in accomplishing any goal, it’s important to keep in mind that ups and downs are normal, but it’s important to keep moving forward.

Community is Key

At Bridges of Hope, we are a Joint Commission accredited dual diagnosis adult substance abuse treatment program, designed to achieve long-term recovery. Community is a key focus in rehabilitation and recovery from substance abuse. We offer several different options for all styles of recovery – yoga, nutritional assessments, and treatment planning.

Our ultimate goal is to identify the challenges, concerns, and problems related to drug addiction, alcoholism, and mental health, and to provide professional clinical treatment to all our clients. If you’re considering taking a month of sobriety, take a tour of our facility if you feel Bridges of Hope would be a good connection for you.

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