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Health and Wellness Program For Addiction Recovery In Indiana

The disease of addiction is detrimental without question. It can appear ever so silently but makes its presence known in no time. Although considered to be a mental disease, many forget the other symptoms that are also left behind. Embarking on the road to recovery requires restoration in all these areas of our lives.

The 12 steps create a foundation for sobriety that helps awaken a need for life. With the promotion of balance in mind, those hungry for recovery look for opportunities to increase their chances of recovery. Looking between the lines is where the wise will prosper. Focusing in on overall wellness or self-served therapy is one of the greatest benefits one can find in early sobriety. The mind and body will both thank you in return.

Stopping to take time for self is often the difference between enjoying sobriety and white knuckling it. Sobriety promotes the idea of happiness and a longer lifespan, so now it’s time to harp on everything that increases those chances. Upon entering early sobriety, taking care of self is now the number one priority.

Implementing Health and Wellness For Addiction Recovery In Indiana

Overall wellness is essentially just the practice of being in an profitable state of health. The concept behind wellness in sobriety is that chemical dependency from all substances is more than just the mental recovery of the disease.

There are seven dimensions of overall health that must be adjusted from chemical dependency, which include:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Intellectual
  • Social
  • Spiritual
  • Environmental
  • Occupational

These dimensions are needs that must be reconstructed in order to make a whole body recovery. Fixating on wellness can provide a sense of balance to those that feel the stresses of life poisoning them from within.


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Early Sobriety Tip

For any addict starting off in early sobriety, creating a treatment plan accompanied with a strong health regimen can make all the world of a difference. Since the mind and body are connected in everything they do, it’s important we improve all areas that addiction fatigued. This means taking a few extra steps for our sanity. Recent studies have demonstrated dramatically improved success rates for addiction with those that are educated of their health possibilities.

Health and Wellness Program Frequently Asked Questions

What Do We Focus On At Our Health and Wellness Treatment Program?

The goal of wellness once we are clean is to address the imbalances that the 12 steps may not. More times than not, this refers to the physical state of being. Whether keeping up with great health, or looking to improve it upon entering early sobriety, there are a multitude of options for those in search.

Practicing better health and wellness during sobriety can be as simple as:

  • Increased Exercise
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Nutrition Therapy
  • Proper Diet & Hydration
  • Massage Therapy
  • Chiropractic Services
  • And More

These are just a few crucial practices that can be implemented into the overall picture. The focus lies in bringing our entire being back into a state of educated balance.

Why Choose Our Health & Wellness Program?

Yoga is one of the easiest traditional methods of wellness to hop right into. Yoga is a form of mindfulness.
Mindfulness can be described as “the nonjudgmental awareness of experiences in the moment.” This means taking the time to focus on the relationship between self and others. This is something that most do not take the time to think about until provoked in sobriety.

Yoga can help reduce depression, anxiety, and stress in a very large quantity. Actually, it’s scientifically proven that yoga can reduce stress to the point where it builds protective tissue around axons in the brain thus making it stronger. Yoga can make us feel more at peace, providing segway to the other opportunities of wellness that may aid us.

Yoga is more than popularized at Bridges of Hope because it practices detoxifying the body on a cellular level. Our approach is to add various degrees of holistic therapy to create a healthy therapeutic syllabus that acts as a guide for recovery development. Yoga provides a means for mental, spiritual, and physical health that in turn creates a clear mind and body.

Why Consider Our Health and Wellness Program?

Staff members and numerous Bridges of Hope alumni will swear by the results of our wellness focus program. Whether just providing nutritional supplements or spotlighting avenues for exercise and bed rest, we believe in taking advantage of the natural medicines that our inner workings crave.
While addiction serves to disconnect the mind/body connection, wellness in sobriety restores that relationship. Healthy habits will only make sobriety that much easier. We at Bridges of Hope recognize the significant changes this focus will bring for those that are willing to walk the extra mile.

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