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Women’s Rehab

Women’s Inpatient Treatment Program For Addiction In Indiana

A women’s inpatient rehab for drug and alcohol addiction includes a program that focuses on physical, emotional, and spiritual support for women struggling with substance abuse. There are a number of drug rehab centers that strictly cater to women's drug rehab. Not all women would prefer to be treated alongside men. They may feel more relaxed and probably recover faster when treated among a group of fellow women – hence the reason for the establishment of women's drug rehab centers. Women's drug rehabilitation is a sensitive issue and should be dealt with care. It becomes even more sensitive in the case of alcohol rehab for women.

The Difference Between a Women's Inpatient Rehab vs. Outpatient Rehab

Inpatient facilities are residential facilities. Patients are encouraged to live in the facility for the duration of their treatment. This is important in cases of prolonged addiction or where much damage has been done to the patient’s physical, mental and emotional health. Also, because the facility is free from alcohol and drugs, the chances of relapse are slim. Women's drug rehabilitation done in this mode is always more effective.

On the other hand outpatient rehab facilities focuses on women with not so severe cases of addiction. Such patients attend rehab sessions for a few hours of the day and are allowed time for school, home, family, and career. Outpatient rehab facilities are educated in the needs of women and the ways women best respond to treatment.

Why Choose Our Inpatient Women's Rehab in Indiana?

Our women’s inpatient treatment for addiction has more advantages over outpatient facilities. An inpatient program would be of immense benefit to women who relapse easily or who face too much stress at home, or work. Getting registered in a women’s inpatient rehab for addiction will allow you to participate fully in rehab programs thus separating you from daily stressors and factors that trigger substance abuse, and speeding up your recovery.

Proper women's rehab is a real lifesaver. Drug Rehab for women and Alcohol rehab for women are things which no sane society should ignore. Addict women suffer so much and they have so much to offer back that rehab for women should always be every societies priority.

Your case is kept strictly confidential. It is a medical treatment, and as such, your information cannot be released to anyone except when you give your consent. Be assured that the physicians and therapists in Bridges of Hope's women’s inpatient rehab for addiction will not for any reason leak your case files to anyone. We are guided by the ethics of the medical profession.

What to Expect at Our Women's Inpatient Rehab in Indiana

The first stage of the drug and alcohol rehabilitation process is the intake. This stage involves registration into the facility. The woman is then expected to move into the facility for commencement of the rehab process.

Detoxification follows immediately after the intake. Detox involves flushing out the drugs and alcohol from the woman’s body. Detox is usually supervised medically. Withdrawal symptoms are also closely monitored by medical and healthcare professionals. Detox is usually not needed in behavioral addictions.
Patients can then proceed to rehabilitation after successfully completing the detox. Rehabilitation focuses on addiction therapy for the specific addiction suffered by the patient. The patient may be suffering from alcohol addiction, drug addiction or behavioral issues. Whatever the case, she receives a therapy unique to her case. At Bridges of Hope's women’s inpatient rehab for addiction, the patients receive individualized care that encourages them to interact with other women sharing similar problems.

During the course of interaction, women can share their experiences, discussing what led to the addiction. Recovery is enhanced by peer to peer interaction. Upon completion of the rehab, the women are given access to aftercare programs and series to prevent a relapse.

How Long Does a Women's Inpatient Treatment Last?

The duration of your treatment depends on the severity of your condition. So treatment could be short or long-term. Some of the possible duration of treatment at our women’s inpatient rehab for addiction include:
• 20 to 30 day rehab programs
• 2 month rehab programs
• 3 month rehab programs

The Different Type Of Addictions We Treat

Be informed that any addiction case can be treated at a women’s inpatient rehab for addiction. In a women's inpatient treatment facility, the healthcare professionals will focus on treating your case. A special program will be designed that best suits your condition. The following conditions are however treated at women’s inpatient rehab for addiction:
• Heroin addiction
• Alcohol addiction
• Mood disorder
• Marijuana addiction
• Eating disorders

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