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Inpatient Drug Rehab

Why You Should Choose An Inpatient Drug Rehab In Indiana

Recovery from addiction begins the moment the victim comes to the understanding that he or she needs help. Making a decision to embark on a treatment program is the single most important decision an addict can make – this is despite that fact that most times, it comes in the early stages of recovery.

When the victim discovers that he or she is in trouble, the next thing that comes to mind is “how do I solve this problem?” With so many treatment options and facilities available, which one is best for me? In the midst of all these questions, one fact remains that cannot be erased, and that is “Inpatient Drug Rehab” is considered the best option as far as treatments for addiction is concerned. What makes our Inpatient Drug Rehab tick is that it:
• Offers total and round-the-clock care for the patient
• Offers long-lasting changes

And this leads us to the benefits of our Inpatient Drug Rehab

Enrollment in an inpatient drug rehab gives you two things that you need to hasten your recovery – time and concentration (focus). This enables you to start your recovery process on good footing. Choosing the right recovery program could be the difference between relapse and a lifetime of sobriety. The benefits that one can derive from Bridges of Hope's Inpatient Rehab for Drug Addiction occur on three levels: physical, psychological and emotional.

The Physical Benefits Of an Inpatient Drug Rehab Program

The physical benefits of enrolling in an Inpatient Drug Rehab in Indiana comes almost immediately upon the start of rehab. A person who depends physically on a drug or an alcohol experiences withdrawal symptoms when he ceases to take the substance.

This implies that in good rehab centers, much focus will be laid on detoxification. Our Inpatient Drug rehab helps you go through the withdrawal process efficiently. The risk of you having an overdose is eliminated while your chances of succeeding is drastically increased.

Enrolling in an inpatient rehab center eliminates your chances of getting in touch with the environment that triggers the substance abuse. Sounds, smells and sights are specific triggers for drug and alcohol use. When you are enrolled in an inpatient rehab facility, these factors are eliminated – you do not get in contact with them hence you do not feel “tempted” to indulge in substance abuse.

Also, with the presence of qualified medical personnel in an inpatient drug rehab in Indiana, it becomes easier to manage withdrawal symptoms.

Psychological Benefits Of Inpatient Drug Rehab

Many psychological therapies are offered at inpatient rehabilitation centers. With this, it becomes easier to address the phase of transition into abstinence, patient’s drug history and future recovery. Bridges of Hope's Inpatient Drug Rehab in Indiana offers a number of different psychotherapy options – the reason being that people are different and what works for one may not work for the other.

Emotional Benefits

The emotional benefits that patients derive from their stay at the rehab facility cannot be overemphasized. Enrolling in an inpatient facility is accompanied with peace of mind and emotional safety. This is made possible by the serene environment, much different from the one that triggers the substance abuse. Absence of tension, stress, work, and other inconvenient factors speeds up recovery of the patient.

Our Inpatient Drug Rehab in Indiana is able to provide an environment that an outpatient treatment cannot. With an inpatient drug rehab center, it becomes virtually impossible to go out and buy alcohol or be influenced by any factor that promotes substance abuse.

How Long Is an Inpatient Drug Rehab?

Most inpatient drug rehab facilities provide accommodation for longer stays. In theory, this might seem like some sort of inconvenience, but in the long run, the benefits becomes clearer. Research published in the Journal of Drug and Alcohol Dependence has shown that patients who stay longer in inpatient drug rehabs have better recovery rates than those who do not. Recall that lessons learned during recovery need to become ingrained in the individual in order to make a difference.

According to an article published by New Beginnings (Drug & alcohol rehabilitation), “being in an inpatient drug rehab gives the individual the two most important components needed for treatment – time and education. It gives them a chance to be able to see what a sober life is like, what changes need to be made. Most people need to learn how to keep their addictions under control.”

Allowing addicts to live in an inpatient drug rehab in Indiana enables them to focus as they should. It blocks the temptation to dash to the nearest drug dealer for the usual dose. These are benefits that an inpatient drug rehab has.

Bridges of Hope's Inpatient Drug Rehab in Indiana

There are so many reasons abound as to why an inpatient drug rehab is considered the best option when it comes to getting treatment for substance abuse. That said, you need to look out for the best among the best.

At Our Indiana Inpatient Rehab for Addiction, we are aware that substance abuse can be very powerful and extremely pervasive. And so we have developed comprehensive, customized treatment programs that frees you from the grips of substance abuse and addiction.

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