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Treatment Center South Florida

Article provided by: Daylight Detox & Recovery Center

Treatment Center South Florida

Once you realize that you have a chemical dependency problem, it is vital that you seek professional help from a rehabilitation center to help you regain your overall body health. Rehab facilities offer various programs that will make quitting a safe process and increase your chances of recovery.

At Daylight Treatment Center in South Florida, we offer professional help to those willing to stop abusing drugs or alcohol. Our services include short-term stabilization, detoxification, and residential treatment.

Who Needs Rehabilitation?

It takes a determined person to admit they have an addiction problem. It is crucial to get help from a reputable rehab facility as soon as you realize you have a substance abuse problem.

However, how do you know that your drug or alcohol use is out of control? It is essential to seek treatment in a rehab center if you notice any of these signs:

  • You Prioritize Drugs or Alcohol

One of the signs that you have a substance abuse problem is if you find yourself spending most of your day thinking about and trying to acquire drugs or alcohol. Another indication of a substance abuse disorder is if you prefer to spend most of your time using the substance rather than participating in fun activities that you previously enjoyed.

  • Poor Health

Addiction to alcohol or drugs will cause your mental and physical health to deteriorate. For instance, addiction to alcohol leads to liver problems or even cancer.

  • High Tolerance

The more you take drugs or alcohol, the more your body gets used to it, and your tolerance builds up. Thus, the demand for higher dosage over time. That is risky as it could lead to overdosing.

What are The Effects of Addiction?

Over time drug or alcohol addiction affects your life. Initially, your job, school, and relationships might not be affected. However, as the addiction progresses, you might start missing work or school, and other important commitments.  

If your addiction is left unchecked and you do not get help for your problem, the addiction disorder advances. At this point, you may end up losing your job, damaging relationships, and having physical and mental health issues.

Causes of Addiction

Anyone can suffer from addiction. No one using drugs or alcohol wishes to become addicted. However, the following factors can contribute to addiction:

  • Genetic Factors

People who come from families with a substance abuse history have higher chances of becoming addicted to the same substance. Studies reveal that genetic factors increase the likelihood of addiction by 50-60%.

  • Stress

People with poor skills in coping with stress are more likely to use drugs or alcohol to escape their problems.

  • Negative Thinking

Individuals with a negative attitude towards life will most probably get into drug or alcohol abuse. This group of people view life as either black or white and to them failing means losing.

  • Anxiety and Depression

Depression and anxiety can lead to drug or alcohol abuse. A person uses alcohol or drugs to relieve the symptoms of anxiety or depression, and before they realize it, they become addicted.

Seeking Help

Put an end to your chemical dependency by getting professional help at Daylight Treatment Center in South Florida.

To know more about alcohol or drug addiction, call 866-708-2602.

Treatment Center South Florida
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