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Rehab Ontario Canada

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Rehab Ontario Canada

Someone you know and love struggles with drug addiction or alcoholism? If you’re looking for effective rehab in Ontario, Canada, you need to contact us, at Valiant Recovery, now. If you want to help them, our team is available for you 24/7.

How to convince an addict to get help?

You probably won’t be able to do it alone, which is why we recommend calling us today to stage an intervention asap! The intervention is the process of confronting the addicts directly, to help them realize the severity of their situation. All victims of addiction will display manipulative behavior and denial, attempting to avoid the treatment, either out of fear, shame, or simply because they fail to see the problem.

Our mission is to promote open discussion between the addicts and those dear to them, who can impact their decisions and change their minds. One of our interventionists will be present during the talks, making sure to keep the discussion on track, while countering any attempts at manipulative behavior. During the intervention, you will get to express your concerns and fears for the victim’s future, while making your intentions clear – if they don’t join the treatment, you will withdraw your support.

What happens during the rehabilitation treatment?

The rehab treatment consists of several procedures, including:

Preliminary clinical assessment – It is imperative to have our experts assess your medical status upon your arrival. The procedure will unveil critical data about your clinical profile, as well as the type and the advancement of your addiction.

Medical detoxification – Our rehab in Ontario, Canada, begins with a personalized detox procedure, which may last up to two weeks, depending on your physiological response and the severity of the disease. During the detox treatment, you will become more emotionally stable, as you will be able to control your thoughts and behavior better. We ensure maximum comfort during the detox, minimizing the impact of the withdrawal and flushing the substance from your body.

Rehab therapy and dual-diagnosis – We offer psychotherapy and emotional trauma healing for a multitude of co-occurring disorders and psychological problems. This approach allows us to tackle the causes of addiction, and restore your mental, emotional, and spiritual integrity in the process.

Relapse prevention and aftercare – A successful rehab treatment should provide you with key tools to cope with your cravings and temptations long-term. At our center, we offer extensive relapse prevention education, aftercare, and family support and counseling for a well-rounded rehab experience.

The cure for addiction

The cure for addiction consists of two long-term strategies – relapse prevention and disease management. Substance addiction is chronic in nature, which means that the relapse will always remain a threat. At our rehab in Ontario, Canada, you will learn how to prevent the relapse by changing your lifestyle altogether. Our health specialists will teach you vital lifestyle improvements, including in nutrition, career goals, family relationships, and even spiritual life.

Valiant Recovery offers some of the most comprehensive rehab programs in the country, designed to change your life forever. Overcome your fears, and choose a better future for you and the people you love!

Rehab Ontario Canada
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