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Medical Supplies Omaha

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Medical Supplies Omaha


If you are looking for medical supplies in Omaha, Brown's Medical Imaging will have all the supplies you need. We can easily supply all your needs for your business. 


What Do We Sell?


We sell a wide variety of medical supplies and equipment. We sell veterinary products too. Pets are important and deserve the best treatment they can get. We carry quality veterinary radiography equipment from InnoVet. In 1991 they manufactured the first x-ray system designed by veterinarians. Almost 80 percent of DVM undergraduates in the US are trained on an InnoVet system. Their systems are manufactured in the USA, and their low cost of ownership has made them the most trusted name in veterinary radiography. 


We sell a wide variety of Medical Imaging Equipment, X-Ray Systems, Film processors, Massage tables, CT Machines, MRI Machines, and much more. You should buy high-quality machines and medical supplies in Omaha when you are purchasing equipment for your business. 


Larger systems like CT systems, MRI systems, and Mammography machines are expensive and require a substantial investment. You are going to want to make money off your MRI or CT systems, and you should have a good business plan on hand to help you. You will need to use a new machine a certain number of times a day for it to pay for itself and make money. 


What Equipment Does a Veterinary Hospital or Clinic Need?


Veterinarians are trained to safeguard the health of animals and humans. In a veterinarian hospital, we will have a lot of medical equipment similar to that of a hospital. That means a lot of the equipment and systems you see in a hospital, will also be observe being used in an animal hospital or clinic. There is specialized equipment designed or geared toward animals.  We may need to take an x-ray to see if there is a broken bone or perform surgery. If our operating room is state of the art, we can provide more services and perform more complex operations.  Some common types of medical supplies in Omaha animal clinics are:


Exam and procedure tables

Veterinary Stethoscope

Ultrasound Machines (diagnostic imagining)

Digital X-ray Machines

IV Pumps



What Are Some Specialized Equipment We Sell For Veterinarians?


X-Ray Systems by InnoVet and Del Universal AV Choice X-Ray Systems:

These X-ray systems are designed to be cost effective and are dedicated to animal clinics.

Direct Radiography (DR): These systems are complete integrated systems with TFT color LCD review and display. Advanced digital imagining software is easy to use.

Dental X-Ray: These machines will work for feline, canine and large animals.

Portable Ultrasound Systems: MyVet portable systems also work for canine, feline and large animals.

X-Ray accessories

CT Systems:  MyVet is the preferred whole body scanning system for a busy veterinarian practice. These systems can generally scan a large dog. Special wiring is not required.

Apollo Cold Laser Systems: This system is safe and effective. It is often used to alleviate pain and help stimulate healing. It works directly on the affected area.


Give Brown’s Medical Imaging a call for all your medical equipment needs.

Medical Supplies Omaha
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