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Long Term Addiction Treatment Centers

Article provided by: Scottsdale Recovery Center

If you are looking for long-term addiction treatment centers in AZ, then you are in the right place now! Scottsdale Recovery Center provides comprehensive addiction treatment services, and we are there for our patients from A to Z. We care about our patients' well-being, and we are willing to go the extra mile or those are committed to recovery. Why? Because we want to one day see a world that is free from drug and alcohol dependency.

When we say "comprehensive addiction treatment services," we mean "comprehensive!" Another way to put it is "long-term." To start, we offer drug and alcohol detox under the control of medically-qualified personnel. Certain substances make their abusers physically dependent on them after enough time. While anyone who is abusing drugs or alcohol is strongly advised to quit their usage, doing so abruptly can sometimes lead to withdrawal symptoms which can be severe, and in some cases, withdrawal symptoms can be life-threatening!

Start With Detox or Residential Inpatient

Once an individual has been cleared from detox, they can then enter our residential inpatient program for a period of 30 to 90 days. Here, they'll get one-on-one counseling, group sessions, and plenty of education and resources to help them to recognize triggers and cravings and get the help they need before they relapse. Plus, Scottsdale Recovery Center's detox and residential inpatient treatment are both under the same roof.

When an individual who is battling addiction contacts us for the first time, or when a loved one of a person who is battling addiction contact us, we'll conduct an initial assessment. Based on what we find during the assessment, we'll then recommend the course of action or treatment plan that we think best suits the needs of our patient. If an individual hasn't gone too far down the addiction hole, we might recommend outpatient treatment only, or we can refer them to another provider if we're not able to meet their needs.

SRC Offers Outpatient Treatment and IOP

For people who can't take time off of work or step away from their affairs long enough to commit to residential inpatient treatment, but we deem during our assessment that they are in need of intensive addiction treatment services, we can recommend IOP. Intensive outpatient is usually the best alternative to inpatient treatment when that latter is not an option.

Individuals who graduate from Scottsdale Recovery Center's residential inpatient treatment program are not left to fend for themselves. We offer ongoing care for our graduates that is not limited to outpatient and intensive outpatient, although these are both an option. We also have sober living homes for our patients who want to maintain the highest level of structure and support following inpatient treatment. This optimizes their chances of achieving long-lasting sobriety

Scottsdale Recovery Center can also help with interventions. Interventions should only be arranged when the time is right, and they must be executed correctly for them to work. Have a professional interventionist help! Contact SRC. We are one of the best long-term addiction treatment centers in AZ.

Long Term Addiction Treatment Centers
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