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Indiana Equine Therapy for Addiction

Addiction treatment goes far beyond removing a substance from your body – it’s about reshaping and restoring the way your mind body and soul work together. The addition of holistic therapies should be considered for a well-rounded treatment program with optimal results. Among many holistic treatments is Equine Therapy where unique horse-facilitated experiences help individuals strengthen their mind-body-soul connection. The Agape unbridled hope program serves horses and humans year-round to promote overall wellness.

Traditional addiction treatment often involves medical detoxification, rehabilitation and group and individual therapy. It can occur in places such as a hospital, an addiction treatment center or a doctor’s office, and it can last anywhere from a few days to several months. Sober living is a lifelong commitment that goes beyond the traditional treatment stage – and holistic practices such as animal-assisted therapies should be considered for lifelong wellness.

What Does Equine Therapy in Indiana Entail?

While Equine therapy may be a newer addition to mainstream treatment options, numerous studies and trials have proven animal-assisted therapy to help reduce anxiety and promote wellness. Horses are pack animals-meaning they are responsive to communication. The feedback from the animal to the person can be beneficial to those in addiction treatment due to the aspects of relationship building, trust, and emotional connection that is required during the interactions. The Agape unbridled hope program’s mission is to cultivate personal growth- and some benefits that serve this mission include: Promotes strength, increased flexibility, balance development, improved coordination, improved breathing, improved coping skill, self-confidence, improved social skills, reduced anxiety, and reduced depression.

Aggressive, violent or antisocial behaviors often go hand-in-hand with alcohol and drug addiction. Addressing these behavioral issues can be an important part of the treatment plan both while in treatment and post. Behavioral patterns can be harmful to those suffering from addiction and their loved ones, and should be addressed along with substance abuse. Quite often, these violent tendencies hinder recoveries and lead to relapse- but when dealt with, individuals have a better foundation for healthy sober living.
When individuals work with a horse in a therapeutic setting, they immediately see how the horse reacts to their mood, tone of voice and body language. This kind of clear, honest and unbiased feedback helps the patients to identify which behaviors are hurtful and discover new and positive ways to assert themselves. Equine therapy at the Agape center in Indiana understands the connection between addiction and behavior, and the importance of trust and respect in all relationships.

Equine Therapy at Indiana Inpatient Rehab

Is Equine Therapy at Bridges of Hope Right For You?

The physical, emotional and spiritual impact of addiction can be extensive. To achieve lifelong sobriety and health, you need resources and a variety of support systems on your side. Since every individual is different and every addiction is different, the same process won’t be effective for each new client. But if you struggle with overcoming the emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects of addiction- equine therapy could benefit your treatment program.

It is believed that excellence can be achieved by anyone through the right practices. Their animal-assisted therapy will give you the trust and respect in yourself and others to strive for acceptance, patience, and unconditional love that will build the foundation for a healthy sober life.

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