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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers California

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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers California

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers In California: What Is Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

Dual diagnosis disorder is also known as a co-occurring disorder; this is because you have two health conditions; mental illness and substance abuse co-existing in one body at the same time.

As complex as it might sound, such disorders can be treated, and there are some Dual diagnosis treatment centers in California that are specialized in dealing with such cases. The treatment of dual diagnosis disorder is a very delicate one and to treat someone with that condition both illnesses should be treated together. When both conditions are treated at the same time, there is a higher chance of success.

The treatment of dual diagnosis disorder until some years ago was not known, and most patients with this disorder were mainly treated for just one of the conditions making their treatment incomplete. It is very important to ascertain which of the conditions prompted the other and in most cases, people with mental illnesses tend to abuse drugs in a bid to minimize or control their suffering. This is a temporary fix which long-term usage would lead to addiction.

Most Dual diagnosis treatment centers in California recognize this disorder and treat it effectively.

Mental health issues common with dual diagnosis disorder

There are some common mental health conditions that can co-occur with substance abuse. Some of these mental conditions work together with specific substances, for instance;

    People who suffer from depression are most times addicted to heroin. People who have Schizophrenia are most times addicted to marijuana. People who suffer from anxiety disorder are most times addicted to cocaine

Other mental health conditions include; mood disorders, bipolar disorder, etc.

Why is the treatment of dual diagnosis disorder important?

1) The treatment techniques addresses the special issues behind the condition

Most dual diagnosis treatment centers in California are aware that there are some special issues that need to be dealt with during a patient treatment before treatment. For instance, most patients with co-occurring mental health and substance abuse issues may be in denial. This might lead to little or no motivation in taking the treatment seriously.

But with dual diagnosis treatment, the family and the professionals work together to motivate and encourage the patient. In most cases, the patient might be ashamed, and when the people around them show them a judgment-free environment, treatment would be more effective.

2) The use of therapies to reset the mindset

This treatment also makes use of therapy to help the patient get rid of the behaviors that led them to addiction in the first place and also calm their brain and body, giving them control.

Dual diagnosis treatment is the combination of mental health care and addiction rehabilitation. Treatment plans vary for individuals according to their unique needs. Some of these treatments include;

    Therapeutic support for building confidence and self-esteem. Psychotherapeutic medications A variety of therapy and treatment techniques for the healing of the spirit, body, and mind. Simultaneous treatment of both substance abuse and mental health disorder. Family inclusive counseling with patients.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers California

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