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Sober Transitional Housing Austin

At Hickory Wind Ranch, we offer unsurpassed sober transitional housing in Austin with a devoted staff team that works relentlessly to help patients heal and recover. Strengthening our guests' commitment to sobriety in the long-term to help them return to their daily routine is the primary goal of our sober living in Austin, TX.

Role of a sober transitional house in recovery

Most recovering addicts need a sober transitional house after completing their inpatient treatment. These houses play a pivotal role in individuals' recovery journey by providing them with a safe, supportive, and calm environment. At the same time, they focus on re-establishing life after rehab treatment. The last thing you want is a relapse after several months of counseling, behavioral therapies, medical detox, and wellness treatments.

Unfortunately, over 60% of recovering addicts end up relapsing in the initial months after rehab due to lacking a proper support system. Our sober houses offer guests the time and opportunity to make amends with their loved ones, friends, and family members in a trigger-free environment. As a pioneer sober house in Austin, we play an integral role in helping patients find a stable job and developing financial independence. More importantly, our sober houses and transitional living programs have rules for residents, providing them with structure and accountability for relapse prevention.

Who should join a sober living facility?

Individuals who have relapsed after treatment in the past must consider joining a sober living facility to maintain sobriety in the long term. Sober living facilities are also ideal for patients returning after completing the residential treatment or those who lack a stable home to return to after rehab.

If you are in the beginning stages of addiction but cannot seek inpatient treatment due to unavoidable work/school commitments, joining a sober living facility can help you abstain from drugs while continuing to partake in your everyday responsibilities. A sober living home offers a combination of freedom and structure to help you adapt and readjust to the world outside rehab without feeling bombarded by triggers and cravings.

Benefits of joining a sober transitional housing

Joining a sober living home can benefit you in more ways than you can imagine. The benefits of joining our sober transitional housing in Austin include:

  • Guests staying at our facility use their time to find a stable job and regain financial independence. We help patients find employment through our weekly recovery support sessions, job support, and referrals to employers. 
  • Life at a sober living house creates accountability and allows residents to develop structure, helping them prevent relapse in the long term. 
  • Sober living homes are great places to meet peers battling with similar problems in life. The positive friendships that residents build here play an integral role in strengthening their commitment to sobriety.

If you believe that dogs help with recovery, call us today at (512) 598-5165 for more details on our sober transitional housing in Austin. Hickory Wind Ranch is a leading pet friendly sober living near Austin, TX, that offers a safe and supportive environment for guests after inpatient rehab to help them adapt and adjust to their daily life.

Sober Transitional Housing Austin
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Sober Transitional Housing Austin
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Sober Transitional Housing Austin

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