Mental Health Facilities In Indiana

Bridges of Hope welcomes you to some of the most advanced mental health facilities in Indiana. We offer high-end dual-diagnosis treatment for dealing with both advanced forms of addiction and co-occurring psychological disorders that may jeopardize your recovery.

What are co-occurring disorders?

Co-occurring disorders define situations where the patient has developed a type of chemical addiction, as well as one or more mental disorders like OCD, PTSD, depression, etc. The truth is that most addicts dealing with aggravated forms of addiction also show signs of psychiatric diseases, which makes their condition even more volatile.

The problem with co-occurring disorders is that they are difficult to diagnose since experts can easily conflate the symptoms with those related to the addiction itself. As a plus, most of these mental conditions are chronic, which means they have no cure. You need to manage them over time while addressing the chemical addiction and its triggers on the side. We offer a complete dual-diagnosis treatment, consisting of medication, therapy, and continuous aftercare support for years to come.

What is the dual-diagnosis treatment?

The dual-diagnosis treatment is a mix of medication-assisted programs and therapeutic interventions, designed to deal with all forms of mental disease. The aspect that makes co-occurring disorders so dangerous is the fact that they can influence each other. In some situations, the addiction itself triggers other mental problems along the way. In others, it’s these psychological disorders that cause the patient to seek relief in drinking or abusing drugs.

Our mental health facilities in Indiana offer complete rehab and dual-diagnosis services, allowing our experts to identify and address all these problems at the same time. The duration and the specifics of the treatment will vary, depending on the issues you’re dealing with, but you should experience immediate relief shortly into the treatment. Our mission is to support you in regaining your mental and emotional functioning, while our clinicians make sure you register consistent progress in the right direction.

How to treat co-occurring disorders?

When dealing with co-occurring disorders, the priority is to address chemical addiction first. If you display signs of advanced addiction, you will immediately enter a detox program, followed by 25/7 residential care at our luxurious facilities. The goal is to stabilize your condition and eliminate the substance from your system. At the same time, you will participate in comprehensive psychotherapies, including behavioral therapies and counseling sessions.

The rehab program will span over months to come, as you progress to different tiers of treatment, including IOP and outpatient care. Our mission is to ensure you maintain optimal progress even long after you’ve graduated from our rehabilitation program. Through aftercare and long-term professional assistance, we will make sure your life will keep heading in the right direction.

The benefits of dual-diagnosis

The main advantage is acquiring the tools to manage your disorders over the years. At our mental health facilities in Indiana, we teach people how to retake control over their lives.

Our team, at Bridges of Hope, will give you the knowledge you need to remain sober and healthy for a lifetime. All you need is the heart and determination to enter the rehab, and we’ll take it from there.

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Mental Health Facilities In Indiana
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Mental Health Facilities In Indiana

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Bridges of Hope Treatment Center
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