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People's emotional and psychological relationship with food is complex and usually connected to control and self-image. However, there're other aspects of eating disorders, including biological, genetic, environmental, psychological, and social influences. When different risk factors combine, they increase the chances of anyone developing an eating disorder. The health implications of eating disorders are, at worst, fatal. But the good news is, eating disorders can be treated successfully at luxury rehab centers in California.

At The Holistic Sanctuary, we’re a luxury rehab that uses an individual-centered and holistic treatment approach to treat eating disorders. Our treatment plans are specifically tailored to help identify how and where the eating problem began, and then teach you skills that will allow you to make a healthy recovery.

What are Eating Disorders?

An eating disorder is a mental health disease. Eating disorders come in many forms, such as binge eating disorder, anorexia, and bulimia. Unfortunately, statistics from the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders reveal that only 10 percent of individuals who struggle from a type of eating disorder, seek the treatment they need. Because of the severity of the disease, it’s crucial that those suffering from these conditions get comprehensive care and treatment.

  • Binge Eating Disorder

Individuals with a binge eating disorder binge on large amounts of food. As a result, they become obese or overweight. Those struggling with the disorder usually eat quite fast during the binging sessions.

Although a person may not be physically hungry, they eat until they're uncomfortably full in an attempt to fill a void in their life, such as an emotional need. After a binging session, the individual feels extremely guilty or ashamed, but that doesn't stop them from repeating the process.

  • Anorexia Nervosa

This is a condition that’s characterized by a person losing more weight than is recommended. An individual with anorexia, even though they may be extremely underweight, is usually terrified of eating. A person with anorexia has a distorted body image and doesn’t see the reality that others perceive.

  • Bulimia Nervosa

This disorder is characterized by binge eating and then purging the food. Other ways a bulimic person tries to purge the food from their body include exercising excessively or taking laxatives. The reasoning behind all these is to prevent the food from being absorbed into the body and cause weight gain.

Most of the time, however, individuals with bulimia are either overweight or of normal weight. That's because as soon as the food is ingested, the body almost immediately absorbs some calories, so a purging attempt won’t be enough to balance out a large binge.

Start Your Recovery Journey Today

Are you battling an eating disorder? At The Holistic Sanctuary, we'll explore how the eating disorder has affected your life. We'll then examine how your lifestyle and belief system are related to your unhealthy eating patterns, wellbeing, self-image, and general health. That will allow us to equip you with the tools and skills you need to change your destructive beliefs and unhealthy eating behaviors. As one of the premier luxury rehab centers in California, we will help you recover from your eating disorder with the right support, high-quality care, and comprehensive treatment. Simply call us today on (310)-601-7805 to get the help you need.


Luxury Rehabs In California

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Luxury Rehabs In California

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