Intensive Outpatient Program Indianapolis

You decided that today is the day to end your addiction. However, the responsibility that comes with that decision is overwhelming. Do you have a family/children/pets/school that you can not take time away from? Is the cost of inpatient rehabilitation too expensive? Your treatment options at Bridges of Hope include outpatient treatment as well. With this program, you to continue with your day-to-day responsibilities and seek help for your addiction at the same time. Call us today to see what options there are for an intensive outpatient program in Indianapolis.

What is outpatient therapy?

Outpatient therapy is a form of drug treatment that does not require a patient to live in a facility. Patients choose this method for a variety of reasons. For starters, inpatient therapy is quite costly. A 30-day stay at a credible facility comes with a price tag of approximately $20,000 or more. If you stay longer than 30 days, costs rise to around $60,000. Medical insurance defrays some of these costs on select plans, but the balance is still substantial.

Outpatient programs are astronomically less expensive. There are no housing or food costs factored in since you do not live at the facility. In an outpatient program, you still work, live at home, and carry on with your life, all while getting the treatment you need. You will receive outstanding services at more than affordable prices. A treatment plan lasts anywhere from 90 days to a year and averages $15000 in cost. Insurance companies cover a portion of the cost as well, which makes this plan an affordable option for those seeking help.

What do you do in outpatient therapy?

An addict participating in outpatient therapy attends sessions for at least 10 hours per week or more. Sessions focus on therapy, so an addict understands what triggers their drug use and learns how to avoid those situations and triggers. Patients maintain their usual routine of school or work and schedule sessions around those daily activities. Participating in an outpatient program allows an addict access to friends and family as a source of support.

The treatment takes place in a variety of settings. Such settings could be:

  • In-person meetings
  • Sessions over the phone
  • At a therapist’s office
  • At a local hospital or clinic

For an addict in need of detox, this style of therapy is not the best choice. There is no detox option in this style of program. Patients in outpatient treatment are not active users, or they use drugs at a lower rate. A candidate for outpatient therapy is a “mild addict” for lack of a better term. An addict using drugs multiple times per day needs an inpatient program that conducts a detox followed by therapy.

Are outpatient programs successful?

Yes and no. Statistics on outpatient programs show lower success rates versus inpatient programs. Relapse rates are higher since the addict is not isolated from outside influences. But for many patients, this is the only option, and that is better than no treatment at all. Contact us today at Bridges of Hope to learn more about our intensive outpatient program in Indianapolis!

Intensive Outpatient Program Indianapolis
Bridges of Hope Treatment Center
Intensive Outpatient Program Indianapolis
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Intensive Outpatient Program Indianapolis

Bridges of Hope Treatment Center
2200 North Madison Avenue
Anderson, IN 46011

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