Inpatient Rehab Indiana

We, at Bridges of Hope, urge you to contact us immediately if you’re showing signs of withdrawal, which may indicate a form of substance addiction or alcoholism. Joining our inpatient rehab in Indiana may be your only hope for salvation.

How does drug rehab work?

The rehabilitation process is different for everybody, depending on the patient’s clinical profile and medical and psychiatric needs. While delivering similar physiological outcomes, substance addiction affects people differently, which is why we address every case from a unique perspective. We offer a holistic form of rehab, based on treating the body, mind, and spirit, for a well-rounded recovery experience which will transform you to the very core.

Contrary to many other approaches, we don’t focus on the symptoms of the disease, but rather on the causes. We want to find out what drove you to this self-destructive path, so we can elaborate the ideal plan to save you. It is possible, but we need your willing participation for that.

The best rehab programs

The ideal rehabilitation program needs to encompass a multitude of clinical, psychiatric, and holistic healing strategies to ensure the best results. We use a progressive rehab system that spans over years to come:

Inpatient rehab and assistance – The inpatient program marks the beginning of the rehab treatment, at a stage when you require intense medical supervision and detox. It is essential for cleansing your body of toxins and aiding in the physical and mental recovery.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) – It represents a downgrade from the residential treatment, which relies on 25 hours of clinical care per week. It is a vital part of the recovery program, as it acts as an extension of our inpatient rehab in Indiana.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) – The IOP follows the PHP, focusing on less control, but aiming to integrate the treatment in your daily life. You will participate in 9 to 15 hours of treatment weekly, consisting of therapy, medication-assisted programs, and regular clinical assessment.

Outpatient program – Our outpatient treatments represent the final stage of the treatment, where you will receive medical and therapeutic support while resuming your daily duties. During the outpatient program, you will come to our facility weekly for therapy and management, as part of a long-term aftercare program, designed to change your lifestyle entirely.

How to manage addiction?

Your first move should be to enter the inpatient treatment immediately. Studies have shown that the inpatient care is ideal for managing and controlling the patient’s clinical status. At our center, you will receive targeted medical detox, advanced individual and group therapy, family counseling, and lifestyle education and relapse prevention for outstanding long-term benefits. Our inpatient rehab in Indiana will prepare you for a lifetime of sobriety, allowing you to rediscover your true potential.

While addiction may be an incurable disorder, it is manageable. To secure a substance-free future, you must learn how to avoid the relapse and adopt a healthier life over the years. Contact us, at Bridges of Hope, and we’ll show you the way!

Inpatient Rehab Indiana
Bridges of Hope Treatment Center
Inpatient Rehab Indiana
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Inpatient Rehab Indiana

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Bridges of Hope Treatment Center
2200 North Madison Avenue
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