Inpatient Mental Health Facilities Indiana

Our inpatient mental health facilities in Indiana are ideal for dealing with both severe forms of addiction and advanced psychological disorders. At Bridges of Hope, we have designed a unique treatment which combines medication with therapy and aftercare assistance for long-term benefits.

Knowing when it’s time to go to rehab

Substance addiction, just like alcoholism, is a progressive disorder, which means it will take you through different stages before it blows out of proportion. Identifying these stages will help you make timely decisions and seek proper treatment before the condition worsens any further. The withdrawal is the clearest indicator that you may have already become addicted.

Depending on the type of addiction and the substance you’re using, the intensity and manifestations of the withdrawal will vary. We recommend taking measures the moment you begin experiencing headaches, nausea, vomiting, or any lighthearted symptoms associated with drug or alcohol withdrawal. These are some of the signs of early stages of addiction when the chances of recovery are greater.

What is the rehab treatment like?

The rehabilitation treatment consists of several phases:

Preliminary assessment – At this point, our clinicians and health experts will assess your health status, check your clinical profile, and devise a unique rehab strategy for you specifically.

Detoxification and clinical stabilization – We use targeted medication to counter the withdrawal, prevent the short-term relapse, and reduce the discomfort during the initial stages of rehab.

Therapy and counseling – During the rehabilitation program, you may have difficulties managing your thoughts and emotions. We offer both group therapy sessions and one-on-one counseling to help you better understand yourself and regain your confidence and stability.

Dual-diagnosis assistance – Our inpatient mental health facilities in Indiana offer extensive dual-diagnosis treatment, ideal for addressing psychological problems like PTSD, depression, anxiety disorders, etc.

The treatment also includes experiential and recreational therapies and activities, like yoga, meditation, fitness routine, equine therapy, and more. As you will enter the last phase of the rehab, we will focus on aftercare and relapse prevention education, making sure you remain on the right path for years to come.

Is dual-diagnosis treatment effective?

Most mental disorders require permanent care and management, and dual-diagnosis treatment is one of the most effective procedures for that. It allows our experts to use a combination of medication and therapy to address the underlying issues, whether it’s emotional trauma, family problems, traumatic events, etc.

Through our dual-diagnosis treatment, you will be able to regain your confidence and mental and emotional stability. We will make sure to help you understand the causes of your issues, as well as the optimal strategies to use over the years, which will help you remain stable, healthy, and happy.

If you need urgent treatment and care, we advise you to come to our inpatient mental health facilities in Indiana soon! At Bridges of Hope, we have created the ideal rehab and recovery program, designed to change your life for good. If you’re interested in our services, give us a call, and we’d be happy to provide you with all the details you need!

Inpatient Mental Health Facilities Indiana
Bridges of Hope Treatment Center
Inpatient Mental Health Facilities Indiana
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Inpatient Mental Health Facilities Indiana

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Bridges of Hope Treatment Center
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