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Do you struggle with alcohol abuse and addiction issues? Do you want sobriety but are unsure how to begin? Are you family, friends, and other loved ones demanding your sobriety? Has your drinking affected your job or brought you legal consequences? Visit us at Bridges of Hope! Our team will set you on the path to sobriety with our cutting edge treatment programs. In your search of Indianapolis alcohol treatment centers, we encourage you to call us.

What is alcohol abuse?

Alcohol abuse is the precursor to alcohol addiction. Abuse occurs when an individual drinks despite the repercussions the drug has on their life and daily activities. However, the individual does not have a physical dependence on the drug at this time. Alcohol abuse leads to full-blown alcoholism if an individual does not receive treatment.

Alcohol abuse is defined differently based on gender. The clinical definition is more than seven drinks per week or more than three drinks in one sitting for women. For a man, the definition is 14 drinks or more per week or four or more drinks in one sitting. The definition of a drink for clinical purposes is one 12 oz beer, one 5 oz of wine, or a 1.5 oz serving of 80 proof distilled spirits (ex: whiskey, rum). When an individual drinks large quantities of alcohol at once, they also run the risk of alcohol poisoning as well as alcohol abuse.

How is alcohol abuse treated?

Treatment options available for alcohol abuse and addiction are as follows:

  • Detox - Alcohol must be removed from the system before treatment begins. A detox may produce symptoms ranging from anxiety to delirium tremors. Some detox symptoms require medical attention. This procedure must be supervised by a clinician to ensure patient safety.
  • Therapy - Addiction and abuse occur because of an underlying issue. Therapeutic procedures aim to get to the root of the problem and decrease the potential for relapse. Therapy programs help an individual know what their triggers are so they can actively avoid them. Combatting addiction is a lifestyle change, and therapy helps an individual make those adjustments.
  • Medications - On occasion, medication is used to suppress the urge to drink. Medication is only available from a licensed clinician. While the use of prescription drugs is not as common, for some patients, it is the best option, and it can be highly effective. The medications are designed to make an individual ill if they drink while taking these pills.

All of these treatments are available at Bridges of Hope. Our licensed professionals work with patients to determine the best treatment plan for them. A patient’s plan can include any one of these methods or all three.

Can alcohol addiction and abuse be cured?

Sadly, no, it can not. The disease is highly manageable with treatment, but an individual is always an addict, albeit in recovery. Managing alcohol abuse and addiction is a lifelong illness.  Bridges of Hope has the tools to set you on the path to success and sobriety. Call us today to see what program is right for you. You will receive top-notch care at one of the finest Indianapolis alcohol treatment centers.

Indianapolis Alcohol Rehab Centers
Bridges of Hope Treatment Center
Indianapolis Alcohol Rehab Centers
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Indianapolis Alcohol Rehab Centers

Bridges of Hope Treatment Center
2200 North Madison Avenue
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