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Alcohol abuse is referred to as any use that leads to negative consequences to the user. These negative consequences encompass social effects, such as doing or saying regrettable things while intoxicated as well as health effects, such as bad hangovers and alcohol-induced accidents. However, alcohol addiction is not always easy to spot. If you feel your friend, coworker, loved one, or a family member has a drinking problem, you can watch for some specific signs. In this guide, we'll show you how to identify the common signs of alcohol addiction and where to go for help. 

What Is Alcoholism? 

Alcoholism is sometimes known as alcohol dependence or alcohol addiction. It's a serious problem and often describes as an uncontrollable, desire to drink. Those suffering from alcoholism will always place drinking above all other obligations and may develop a tolerance as well as experience withdrawal symptoms if they stop.

What Are The Signs Of Alcoholism And Alcohol Abuse?

Heavy drinking once in a while might not be a problem. But some behaviors are signs that things are getting serious. However, anyone showing any of the signs below may be suffering from alcoholism. 

  1. Neglecting responsibilities

Repeatedly neglecting responsibilities at school, home, or work because of your drinking is a sign of alcohol addiction. For example, poor performance at work, neglecting your kids, flunking classes, or skipping out on commitments because you're drunk or hungover.

  1. Encountering legal problems and taking risks 

Anyone experiencing repeated legal problems on account of driving while intoxicated, this includes getting arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. Another sign is mixing alcohol with medication and putting their lives in danger.

  1. Drinking to de-stress

Many drinking problems begin when people use alcohol to relieve stress after an argument with a loved one or after a long workday. Getting drunk after a stressful working day or drinking every time there's a dispute with spouse or boss is a sign of addiction. 

  1. Drinking in spite of relationship problems

There is a bigger problem at hand if someone you know continues to drink even though the alcohol use is causing problems in his or her relationships or if you find such a person fighting with a family member who criticizes his or her drinking habits. 

What To Do If Someone Is An Alcoholic?

It can be challenging to know the next thing to do if someone close to you is exhibiting signs of alcohol addiction. You might feel frustrated and worried about them that they don't seem to want to help themselves. All of these feelings about them are normal, but there is help out there. It can be tough for them to accept they have a problem, but being open, supportive, and non-judgemental can make them feel safe. Confer with your loved one about their drinking, and try to convince them to see a doctor.

Find Help For Alcohol Addiction 

Overcoming alcohol addiction should be completed under the care of medical professionals in a specialized treatment facility. So if someone you know is showing any signs of alcoholism, then do not hesitate to contact Bridges of Hope today for help. We are Indiana drug and alcohol treatment center and can help your loved one through their healing journey.

Indiana alcohol rehab
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Indiana alcohol rehab
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Indiana alcohol rehab

Bridges of Hope Treatment Center
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