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Family Mediation Kitchener Waterloo

Family Mediation Kitchener Waterloo

Divorce is the final course of action leading up to an entirely new life. It is the only option available when your money, livelihood are children are tied up in a dying past. Communication and financial struggles only make the case worse as friends and family push for finalization. The best course of action is to do the complete opposite of a typical divorce process.

Face your spouse. At one point, your soon to be ex was choice of a dependable and lifelong romantic interest. It makes absolute sense to speak to them for a consensual choice for the next phase of life. The bridge between the trouble of the old marriage and a peaceful separation is competent, practical, and affordable divorce solutions in Waterloo ON.

Reasons to choose our Waterloo mediation and divorce solutions


It is best to choose a mediator with experience in a similar Kitchener divorce case. An indicator of knowledge is the ability to give quick and comprehensive answers to any conflict. We understand the dynamics affecting different situations and seek to resolve them in the most legal and personalized manner. Unlike a typical divorce application, our specialists know that the ground for separation will include more than the following:

  • Adultery
  • Physical or mental abuse
  • Separate living for at least one year


The mediator should have a specialty working in the field instead of performing many different cases under the divorce category. The expertise gives us a unique set of skills with specific knowledge of each contributive aspect. Our areas of service focus on the following issues:

Divorce application process

  • Mediation
  • Separation
  • Child support and custody
  • Property sharing

A firm with more than the essential services of divorce will lack attention and resources to speed your case.


The mediator is more than the judge at play who eases family mediation in Kitchener Waterloo. We focus on the complete resolution of the case to produce favorable results for all candidates.

In most cases, the qualified mediator will have further training to add to the actual mediation practice. We increase the likelihood of understanding the most complicated subject because of the availability of special certifications and degrees. The founder of Positive Solutions is a first-hand witness of divorce's emotional and mental taxation in court. She wants to create a more straightforward and satisfying solution that touches on more issues than you will get through the court.


The mediator is potentially one of the riskiest people to let into your crumbling family affairs. It would help if you had a candidate with natural compassion for the children and both spouses. It is essential to trust your gut and use educated analysis to compare different candidates.


We can be impartial because we know how to reach mutual agreements that serve all parties. Our goal is to have positive family mediation in Kitchener with a heavy bias on giving you fast peace of mind and fairness. Plan a consultation session to have a feel of our process before commencing the mediation. Reach the mediation specialist via 888-779-8777 for more details.

Family Mediation Kitchener Waterloo
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Family Mediation Kitchener Waterloo
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Family Mediation Kitchener Waterloo

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