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An addiction to drugs harms one’s life. It affects jobs and relationships. Without treatment, legal consequences also occur. To beat your addiction, call Bridges of Hope today. We are a premier facility for drug treatment in Indiana. We feature innovative therapies that aid you on your path to sobriety.

What happens at a drug treatment facility?

A drug treatment facility is a place an addict goes to recover from their addiction. Upon arrival at the facility, the patient is processed and assessed by a trained staff member. For patients that are not sober, they undergo a detox. During the detox phase, the patient does not use drugs and weather the effects of drugs leaving their system. Some patients experience symptoms ranging from nausea and anxiety all the way up to hallucinations. For patient safety, a detox happens in the presence of a linked professional.

Once a patient completes the detox, the next step is therapy. Therapy happens in both group and individual settings and is a crucial part of the treatment process. Drug addiction never occurs in a vacuum. It occurs because the patient uses drugs as a coping mechanism for an underlying issue. Without therapy to uncover what that issue is, a patient will relapse when they leave the facility. Therapeutic treatments teach patients coping skills to manage their triggers.

Once a patient completes an inpatient rehabilitation program, some require additional help to transition back to everyday life. Those patients move into a sober living house, also called a transitional facility. A transitional facility provides the patient with a safe and sober living environment as they transition back into their life. All residents living in the facility drug-free, so everyone actively helps each other towards their goals.

How do you pay for a drug treatment facility?

Depending on what type of drug treatment you choose, the cost is tremendous.  Inpatient facilities require a stay of at least 30 days. During that time, you will need friends or family on the outside to manage your affairs, such as your home, bills, pet care, etc. If you are employed, you need to secure that time away from your job either via paid time off or medical leave.

You must also pay for the treatment program itself. Medical insurance does not cover the additional ancillary costs such as pet care or childcare. Most major insurance carriers cover various aspects of a drug treatment program, but not at 100% coverage. Consult with your carrier to find out what your level of benefits is.

Are drug treatment facilities successful?

There is no cure for drug addiction, as the addiction will not beat their addiction without a treatment program. Attempting to detox and achieve sobriety without professional help does not set you up for success. Only a renown treatment program can do that. Call Bridges of Hope today and establish your path to sobriety. See what the most exceptional drug treatment in Indiana can do you for!

Bridges of Hope Treatment Center
Drug Treatment In Indiana
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Drug Treatment In Indiana

Bridges of Hope Treatment Center
2200 North Madison Avenue
Anderson, IN 46011

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