Alcohol Rehab Indianapolis

If you have never considered treating your alcohol addiction, this is the perfect time to join our alcohol rehab in Indianapolis. At Bridges of Hope, we offer treatment, care, and aftercare support to make sure you remain sober and focused on your goals.

What is alcohol addiction?

Alcohol addiction is a mental disorder with severe long-term consequences. Most people take alcohol for granted because its consumption is legal, it is widespread, and it only delivers considerable side-effects over more extended periods of time. The fact that alcohol addiction sets in slowly, over months or years of continuous abuse is what makes alcoholism even more dangerous than drug addiction.

Many factors contribute to triggering the disease, some of which are genetic, social, personal, or even familial. When left untreated, the disorder will aggravate fast, triggering other mental health issues in time. To prevent that, we advise you to act before it’s too late!

How to treat alcoholism?

You can only treat the disease in a professional, high-profile rehab facility, through medication, therapy, and long-term management implementation. Many people believe that overcoming alcohol addiction is a matter of choice and willpower, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Although alcohol addiction begins as a choice, you can’t merely stop drinking whenever you like, especially in the more advanced stages of addiction.

Quitting cold turkey will trigger a variety of side-effects, including headaches, nausea, vomiting, mood changes, and even seizures and hallucinations. The severity of the withdrawal often grows to life-threatening levels, which is why we advise against any form of self-detox or self-medication. Our center of alcohol rehab in Indianapolis provides security, comfort, and access to high-end rehab programs and therapies for long-lasting results.

The best alcohol detox treatment

The detoxification treatment is part of the inpatient/residential program, during which you will remain under 24/7 supervision and control. Our clinician will devise a personalized medication plan, based on your clinical profile, and monitor your progress throughout the treatment. The detoxification process is meant to stabilize your behavioral display, eliminate the substance from your organism, and rebalance your brain’s chemical functioning.

You will begin to feel better, more energetic, and notice drastic improvements in your mental and emotional state. The medication-assisted program is also vital for targeting co-occurring disorders, many of which may have been caused by the addiction itself. The detoxification procedure is a sensitive step in the recovery process since many things can go wrong if you attempt it yourself. To avoid that, we urge you to leave it to the experts!

Leaving alcoholism behind

In many situations, the predilection towards alcohol abuse comes from genetic roots or alcohol-related family history. This makes it difficult to combat long-term, but it is possible. With proper guidance, support, and education, anyone can overcome their alcohol demons and begin a new life with our alcohol rehab in Indianapolis; one of sobriety, happiness, and health.

Contact us, at Bridges of Hope, and learn how to do that yourself! With us as your guides, your life will change forever.

Alcohol Rehab Indianapolis
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Alcohol Rehab Indianapolis
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Alcohol Rehab Indianapolis

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Bridges of Hope Treatment Center
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