Addiction Treatment Centers Indiana

Do you or anyone in your family fight with addiction daily? To secure the help you need, contact Bridges of Hope today. We are one of the best addiction treatment centers in Indiana. We offer residential services and cutting edge techniques so you can manage this disease.

Is substance abuse the same as addiction?

Substance abuse and addiction are used quite frequently as interchangeable terms. While both are equally troublesome in terms of both health and legal consequences, there are some differences. Drug abuse refers to issues that occur in one’s life because of the overuse of drugs. Examples include missing work or class, legal repercussions from drug use, and physical harm to yourself or others.

Addiction is different as it adds a new facet to the issues listed above. Those who suffer from addiction issues also suffer from withdrawal symptoms when they stop using drugs. Addicts can no longer function without their drug of choice. If they do not get that specific drug, they can experience both physical and psychological symptoms of withdrawal. An addict also withdraws from interactions with family and friends, and their only focus is on securing more drugs.

What are the treatments for drug addiction?

Each treatment facility has variations in its treatments. Here at Bridges of Hope, we believe in a multifaceted approach to addiction treatment. You can not put an addict on the road to recovery unless you get to the root cause of the addiction. Therapy must be a component of any program, so you understand your triggers.

We offer a medical detox program for alcohol, cocaine, opioids, and benzodiazepines. You should also perform detox under the supervision of licensed clinicians. Withdrawal symptoms can trigger a variety of physical and psychological symptoms ranging from sweating and muscle cramps up to hallucinations. A detox procedure at home is dangerous since there is the potential for medical complications. An at-home detox increases the potential for relapse.

We offer inpatient and outpatient rehab services, as part of a transitional program to sober living facilities. Group therapy and 12 Step meetings are an integral part of what we do. We also have an equine therapy program on the grounds of our facility. Treating addiction requires a multi-pronged approach,  Holistic therapies are one more part of that approach, and our equine programs fill that niche. Treating addiction is more than just treating the body; it’s treating the mind and giving the addict a new way to look at life.

Can you cure addiction?

It would be nice to say yes to this question, but that is not truthful. Addiction is a life long disease that needs to be managed, just like any other chronic medical condition. With proper treatment and the use of coping strategies, an addict can manage their condition and live a productive life. Contact us at Bridges of Hope to see how we can help get you back on the path today! See what one of the most exceptional addiction treatment centers in Indiana has to offer.

Addiction Treatment Centers Indiana
Bridges of Hope Treatment Center
Addiction Treatment Centers Indiana
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Addiction Treatment Centers Indiana

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Bridges of Hope Treatment Center
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