Drug Rehab Centers In Indiana

For any substance abuse and addiction problem, we invite you to our drug rehab centers in Indiana. Bridges of Hope stands for excellence, quality, and guaranteed results for fast and long-lasting benefits.

How to deal with drug addiction?

If you have decided to leave your addiction behind, you should consider entering a rehab treatment immediately. Addiction is a mental disorder, which can cause a variety of psychological issues along the way. It progresses fast, it’s devastating long-term, and it can turn deadly on a moment’s notice. Multiple studies have also linked substance abuse and addiction to mental health problems like PSTD, depression, anxiety disorders, and more.

If you intend on resorting to self-treatments, you must realize that it’s usually futile. You cannot control the disorder through mere willpower, and self-medication is risky. Not knowing about drug interactions and side-effects can backfire fast, triggering new forms of addiction along the way. To deal with your addiction fast and effective, you need to enter the rehab today.

The best addiction rehab program

We believe that the ideal rehabilitation treatment should function based on holistic principles. At our facility, we treat people, not diseases. This means that we address the underlying issues of the disorder, dealing with emotional traumas, social triggers, and anything that may influence your state of mind. The treatment we’re offering spans over three core levels:

  • Physical treatment – Here, we include detoxification services, as well as dual-diagnosis support and physiological rejuvenation. To ensure optimal physical recovery, we offer nutritional services, regular workout routine, and fun outdoor group activities.
  • Mental recovery – At our drug rehab centers in Indiana, you will undergo extensive behavioral and emotional therapies. Our counselors will teach you how to rediscover your confidence, become mentally and emotionally stable, and improve your self-esteem and decision-making process.
  • Spiritual healing – Offering spiritual healing is just as important as treating the body and the mind. As part of our holistic recovery process, we have included yoga sessions, guided meditation, equine therapy, and faith-based recovery programs to reshape your entire worldview.

How to quit an addiction?

The first thing to do is to change your mindset. If you won’t accept the problem and actively seek a solution, you will never find one. Once you have agreed that you need help, you have already made the first step on the right path. The next challenge is to remain in that state of mind throughout the rehabilitation treatment.

Many people relapse during rehab or immediately after because they can’t find the resources within them to keep going. Fortunately, we will be here to help you. Our mission is to assist you in focusing on your long-term goals and remain sober, healthy and determined to change your life for the better.

At our drug rehab centers in Indiana, you will learn how to adjust to a new lifestyle over the years to come; one devoid of any chemical addiction or compulsive behavior. At Bridges of Hope, we accept most insurance plans and offer some of the most advanced rehab programs in the industry. Call us, and let’s plan the next steps today!

Drug Rehab Centers In Indiana

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Drug Rehab Indiana

To recover from drug addiction is to rebuild your life bottoms-up. At Bridges of Hope, we have created a unique treatment for drug rehab in Indiana, designed to reshape your lifestyle, mental state, and view on the world.

How to recover from addiction?

Your only hope of ever defeating your addiction comes with joining a high-end rehabilitation program as soon as possible. Due to its nature, chemical addiction makes it impossible for you to rely on your willpower to break the cycle of abuse. Whenever attempting to quit cold turkey, the withdrawal will set in immediately, often with severe physiological manifestations.

To fight the disorder effectively, you need to enter a detox-and-recovery program, where you will receive adequate clinical and psychiatric treatment. Most people don’t realize that defeating addiction takes more than a two-week detox strategy. To prevent long-term relapse, you need extensive therapy and aftercare support, which may extend for years to follow.

How does drug rehab treatment work?

The first stage of the rehabilitation treatment consists of extensive clinical assessment. Our experts will check your medical status and gather data about your clinical history, information about your addiction, and anything that can help design the perfect treatment for you. Next, you will go through several procedures like:

Medical detoxification – Our clinicians will tailor the medication plan to your needs for a plus of effectiveness. The detoxification program will stabilize your mental functioning and eliminate the substance from your organism. We will ensure the maximum of comfort during the detox, diminishing the impact of the withdrawal and lowering the potential pain and anguish.

Therapy and counseling – Our program drug rehab in Indiana works based on holistic principles, which allows us to treat the patient, rather than the disease. We use advanced behavioral therapies and counseling sessions to stabilize your mental state and will enable you to understand your urges and emotions better. This will give you a greater understanding of yourself, as you retake control over your mind.

Dual-diagnosis medical assistance – Co-occurring mental disorders are common occurrences with most victims of drug addiction. Our dual-diagnosis treatment consists of medication and therapy for immediate relief, as well as long-term stabilization and control. By eliminating these problems, we reduce the risk of relapse in the long run, ensuring a lifetime of sobriety and independence.

Life skills and relapse prevention and management – The final step in the rehabilitation process is learning how to manage your freedom. You will discover the critical steps to take in preventing the relapse and rebuilding your life from scratch.

How to remain sober over the years?

You can only do that by making peace with yourself, understand your life’s meaning, and keep your goals in sight at all times. At our drug rehab in Indiana, we help people rediscover their true path in life; the one that leads to happiness, freedom, and personal fulfillment.

With Bridges of Hope, you will once again be able to enjoy the little things in life. Contact us for urgent clinical assessment, and your life will take a turn for the better immediately!

Drug Treatment Centers In Indiana

At Bridges of Hope, we offer you the key to a brighter future. We invite you to our drug treatment centers in Indiana to regain your freedom and leave your addiction behind for good!

The dangers of the withdrawal

The withdrawal is the reason why you shouldn’t attempt any self-help procedures. When dealing with advanced forms of addiction, the manifestations of the withdrawal can become life-threatening. At that stage, quitting cold turkey is no longer an option. To avoid the dangers of withdrawal and move past your urges, you need to join the rehab treatment immediately!

The first phase of the treatment will rely on medical detox, which will last approximately 14 days, depending on how well you respond to the procedure. The detoxification stage will allow you to overcome the withdrawal, control your cravings, and regain your mental and emotional composure. It will represent a massive step towards freedom, first of many.

What happens during drug detox?

The detoxification process begins with a thorough clinical assessment, during which our experts will analyze your clinical history, and develop the proper medication strategy. The clinical approach will depend on the type of substance you’re using, as well as your response to the treatment, and the severity of your addiction. Physical discomfort and behavioral fluctuations are normal at this stage, as your body fights to regain control over its internal processes.

The detox procedure will:

  • Stabilize your physiological functioning
  • Restore the chemical balance in the brain
  • Readjust the stability of the nervous system
  • Eliminate the harmful chemicals from your organism
  • Reduce or even eliminate the cravings, etc.

The detox process relies on targeted medication, and it is a high-end procedure which requires the supervision of qualified clinicians. Don’t attempt it yourself, as you will end up making things worse!

What is the best drug rehab program?

We believe there is no one rehab program to rule them all. In reality, it takes a combination of programs and therapies to achieve the best results. At our drug treatment centers in Indiana, we offer some a combination of rehabilitation programs such as:

  • Inpatient/Residential treatment for advanced forms of addiction, relying on 24/7 supervision and control
  • Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) as the next strategical step
  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), after graduating from the PHP
  • Outpatient programs, designed for patients who have completed the more intensive forms of treatment

By combining these different approaches, we ensure the best results over more extended periods of time. The outpatient programs allow us to provide comprehensive aftercare, making sure you remain sober for all the years to follow.

Is willpower enough to fight addiction?

No, and we wouldn’t recommend trying it. You cannot defeat your addiction using your willpower alone, although it makes for a must-have tool in your arsenal. At our drug treatment centers in Indiana, we will teach you how to use your willpower to remain drug-free over the years, and change your entire life for the better.

Bridges of Hope offers you the key to happiness. Take it, and open the door to a new, brighter future for you and the people you love!

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Drug Rehab Centers In Indiana

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