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Best Alcohol Treatment Centers So Cal

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If you’re looking to join a rehab program urgently, we welcome you to Oaks of Hope! We realize that alcoholism might have gotten the best of you, so we’re here, ready to put you back on your feet. Contrary to many rehab facilities out there, we’re approaching the rehabilitation process from a different perspective – we’re throwing some fun into the mix.

We put some of the best alcohol treatment centers in So Cal at your disposal. Here, we combine the classic procedures with innovative, certified rehab programs for extra benefits. Some of these include:

Personalized detox – We don’t have any universal detox treatments because they don’t work for everyone. Instead, we’re tailoring the detox plan to fit your personal medical profile. This will increase its effectiveness significantly, allowing you to recover faster, and extending the duration of the benefits.

Dual diagnosis – This treatment aims at addressing the co-occurring disorders that come with advanced alcoholism, like depression, anxiety disorders, PTSD or emotional traumas. In many cases, diseases like these represent the underlying trigger for the addictive behavior. In other instances, they precede the substance addiction and worsen as alcoholism takes over. Treating them is one of our main priorities.

Behavioral therapies – Alcoholism is a mental disease that disrupts your natural chemical balance in the brain. As a result, it will affect your behavior, your thought process, and your ability to express coherent emotions. To correct these problems, we’re using several behavioral therapies like CBT and DBT, along with many other similar procedures.

Emotional therapy and counseling – There’s a reason why we have some of the best alcohol treatment centers in So Cal. One of them is the diversity of your rehab programs. Aside from the chemical detox and the multitude of psychotherapies, we also have several therapies and counseling session for those experiencing emotional traumas. We’ll offer you grief and loss support, motivational therapy, empowerment recovery, family group support, etc.

Food therapy – Not many rehab centers use food therapy because not many centers know how it works. We believe that good food doesn’t only nourish your body, but your spirit as well. When you enjoy your food, your brain releases dopamine, which will make you feel good as well. This way, you’ll learn that life isn’t only beautiful, but tasteful too.

Education and self-improvement – Knowledge it’s power. We use this simple truth to offer you an intense education on the topic of alcoholism and substance addiction. Our specialists will help you realize the dangers of alcohol, identify the signs of early alcohol dependence, and know how to remain sober in the long run. At the same time, we’ll teach you how to become more determined in reaching your goals and more confident in your ability to succeed in life.

We have some of the best alcohol treatment centers in So Cal because we care about the long-term well-being of our patients. At Oaks of Hope, we support people in finding their meaning in life. Come to our center today – opt for freedom, sobriety, and health!

Best Alcohol Treatment Centers So Cal

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