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All you need to know about Flakka


Thursday, October 18, 2018

According to some experts, Flakka is the deadliest of drugs that have yet hit the US soil. What makes it worse than heroin and coke is the fact that abusers of this drug turn extremely violent.

Flakka was first discovered to be used as a drug in 2013. However, its prevalence and impact on the society were not apparent as no major cases were reported. However, the drug took the center stage with the Florida Zombie case.

That’s where the Flakka got the name of Florida Zombie Drug. The filth hit the roof when a 19-year-old Austin Harrouff, under the influence of the drug stabbed a couple to death in their apartment and later chewed on the face of the male victim. When police arrived, they saw the culprit acting like an animal. This incident was enough to trigger a nationwide shoutout for the drug and its negative consequences.

Flakka is also known as gravel. It is a completely synthetic drug processed in the labs of China. It has a close chemical resemblance to bath salts. Hence, it is very easy for the dealers to carry and transport it. What makes things worse here is that still, it’s not illegal to produce and procure this drug in some regions.

What is Flakka made of?

As we have mentioned before, Flakka is a purely synthetic and designer drug. There is absolutely nothing natural about it. The pharmaceutical name for the designer drug is a-Pyrrolidinopentiophenone – otherwise known as a-PVP or alpha-PVP – a chemical compound originally synthesized in the 1960s.

According to official terminology, they are classified as second-generation bath salts. One can eat. snort, inject, smoke and even vape Flakka. It can be bought online and from the streets. The packages in which the drug comes are often marked as “not for human use” or “plant food”.

How Bad is Flakka?

It is pretty bad, to say the least. Flakka closely mimics the effects of cocaineand methamphetamine only 10x more. It has become popular among college-going students because of its dead cheap price tag when compared to other drugs and the kick it gives. The high is quick and it lasts longer. The abuser eventually loses complete control of his body and mind and is often seen becoming extremely violent.

Flakka is known to spike the human body temperature. It is common to see Flakka induced person having a body temperature of 104&degreeF. We all know the consequences of having such a high temperature on the human body. Such a condition can very easily cause brain damage and multiple organ failure and could even result in death.

Side Effects of Flakka

At the initial stages, Flakka gives us a super high sex drive, mental clarity, and energy. But as with any other drug over the time the individual becomes an addict and the drug abuser will eventually start consuming larger quantities of it. What follows next are the bad effects of the drug. Soon the person consuming it feels the heat in terms of depression, paranoia, hyper stimulation and total lack of sex drive.

The withdrawal symptoms of Flakka are so extreme that it pushes the addict to the next side and coming out of this habit is really hard.

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