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Alcohol Treatment Centers Miami

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Alcohol Treatment Centers Miami

Alcohol treatment centers are an essential part of the recovery from alcoholism. The amount and kind of treatment a person may need is dependant on the length of the addiction and the severity of the addiction.  Once you have graduated from Summer House Detox Center, they can refer you to several excellent rehab centers to continue your recovery.

Different facilities offer different services, and you need to find the one that is right for you. Some offer only detox. There are some that provide outpatient care for only one type of addiction.

Once you have found the alcohol treatment center that you can work with, you will go through the admissions process. The first step is to call the facility. They will ask all kinds of questions about the addiction, medical conditions, living situation and support system. After this, they will be able to answer any questions you may have.

The next step is an assessment and developing a treatment plan. They will search your belongings just to be sure there are no drugs or illegal things in there. They may take your phone as well.  The detox stage is always stage 1. This needs to be done in a medically controlled environment for safety reasons.  Then, based on the treatment plan you may go thru some or all of these steps.

Inpatient Therapy

Most alcohol treatment centers recommend at least some inpatient therapy. Most facilities have one or two individual sessions a week. You will also attend classes, group therapy and other therapy like art or music, meditation or pet therapy. This can last anywhere from one week to many months depending on your treatment plan.

Partial Hospitalization

During this phase, you are not home yet. You may live in a sober living home. You are in the rehab facility during the day and sleep in the house at night. The only difference between this and inpatient treatment is the number of hours inside the facility. Though not recommended, some patients can live at home during this phase. You are inpatient during the day but home at night.

Outpatient Therapy

Depending on the treatment plan and the progress you have made, outpatient can be rather intense or straightforward. It may mean several individuals and group sessions a week or maybe just one session. Most need to go to a twelve step meeting daily. Outpatient therapy can last indefinitely. Some people see the counselor every week or every month for the rest of their life. Others only need this for a few months. Again this depends on the progress made.


Aftercare is the non-medical treatment received after rehab. This is geared at preventing relapse and includes social support, employment, housing, budgeting and more.

Support groups are fundamental to recovery. This is something you will be involved in throughout rehab. Some need it the rest of their life. Educational programs may be necessary to make a person employable again.  With the right treatment plan at the right facility, staying sober can be done, and life can be full and productive again.

Alcohol Treatment Centers Miami

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