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Alcohol Rehab California

Article provided by: Valley Recovery Center

If you're dealing with alcohol addiction and abuse and are looking for alcohol rehab in California, Valley Recovery Center is the best recovery option for you. It provides comprehensive and evidence-based services to people suffering from any substance abuse. Its dedicated staff help clients overcome addiction and get back to their healthy, sober lives.

Alcohol rehabilitation

Alcohol rehabilitation aims to help people with alcohol drinking problems. It combines medical and psychotherapeutic treatments and services to ultimately address alcohol addiction and abuse. It also seeks to improve the overall health of the person through incorporating a healthier lifestyle in their daily lives.

The process will also address psychiatric disorders and psychological problems that come with alcohol addiction and abuse. Experts usually address the factors that lead to the alcohol drinking problems of the client to prevent them from a possible relapse after the rehabilitation process. And lastly, it aims to help the clients return to their normal lives after the rehabilitation process. They will help them integrate back to society by helping them with education and employment needs. With this, the client will look forward to a better future after completing the rehabilitation process.

What services do alcohol rehabs offer?

Alcohol rehabs offer various services that will help clients on a case-to-case basis. The first step will involve a comprehensive assessment of the health and situation of the client to identify what program and specific services are most appropriate to give the patient. This may vary from a general interview, psychological screening, and medical examination. The next step will be the alcohol detoxification process to remove the alcohol in the body. Trained medical staff will monitor clients to address and alleviate withdrawal symptoms.

Our alcohol rehab in California has residential and outpatient treatment programs. Some patients may require residential treatment for a more focused treatment, offering increased comfort and relaxation. Services will include individual therapy, family therapy for their families, community meetings with other clients, meditation exercises, and relapse prevention. Others, however, enroll in an intensive outpatient program which is a more flexible approach to balance the recovery with commitments in work and school. Only those that are sober for at least a month are eligible to participate in an intensive outpatient program.

What are the benefits of being in alcohol rehab?

Alcohol rehabilitation provides the patient with a safe environment to heal. Patients are treated with appropriate medicines not just to detoxify but to address possible health outcomes brought by excessive alcohol drinking. Rehabs do not only treat clients through medical means but also provide them with better options for them to return to their normal lives.

They are usually provided with a case-to-case holistic approach to address their problems on a more personal basis. This will give you physical, emotional, and spiritual outlets to improve life. The approach will also strengthen your peer and family support as services will involve them.

What are you waiting for? Contact Valley Recovery Center and let the best alcohol rehab in California help you. Call us at (888) 989-9690.

Alcohol Rehab California
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